Friday, April 4, 2008

Lift Offered: Katherine to Darwin 18/4/08

4 seats available

I'm planning to leave Friday evening.

Email me Claire- or post a comment.

When I know I'll post my return trip, but I don't know yet!

Would like a bit of money towards fuel please.


Marcus said...

Hi Claire!!
My name is Marc and I would love a lift to Darwin on the 19th.
Please call me on 0417940636 if you still have space available.


Hooch said...

Hey guys, I have a question... How do we keep our phone numbers, etc. private? cant anyone view this blog, or is it invite only?

Administrators (Marc and Claire) said...

Hi Hooch, and welcome!
Privacy could be an can offer or ask for a lift and wait for somebody to comment on it giving contact details.
Maybe you feel more comfortable requesting contact by email.
Anyway we are happy to discus and change the blog to be only visible for people that joint (up to 100 people)